Tree Planting, it all began on an eagerly anticipated Autumn walk with the children, yes it was conker season when the chestnuts fall, providing endless dangerous fun on the playground. So the traditional pick was underway and we were there, a rolling meadow lined with chestnut trees the forage began and the bags filled quickly, the biggest conkers always kept in the pocket for bragging rights back in the car.

The seasons changed and Autumn was a nostalgic memory, it was Summer and everything was in full bloom, I noticed in the corner of the garden there was a large patch of shoots sprouting, on further investigation I was surprised to see it was the Chestnuts, my youngest son had buried his unwanted stash, from that moment on I was hooked.

I’ve been Growing Oak and Chestnut trees to plant back locally for some time now and it feels such a positive experience, knowing you can make a difference with very little effort and that you’re planting something that will be enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Tree preservation, wildlife conservation, the natural landscape that surrounds us and the communities who use it are at the heart of Little Forest Films.